Please share how you came to be aware of the Stellate Ganglion Block (SGB).

My parents saw Dr. Lipov on an episode of The Doctors. They knew that I had found no real help/cure from the VA (medications and therapy) and knew I needed something; and that I had almost exhausted all of my options.

Why did you think it might help you?

I didn’t really know if it would. At that point I was willing to try anything.

What symptoms where you hoping to see it relieve?

Depression, anxiety, fear of never feeling safe, fear of large crowds and confined spaces (rooms, buildings, etc).

If you're comfortable, please share how you came to have a trauma illness.

There are several occasions that led to it. The first was that of nightly rocket attacks on our FOB while I was a contractor in southern Iraq. That last for about 4 months. Following that I was deployed to Afghanistan and there were several more events that led to the PTSD. The first being a rocket attack on a government compound that I was visiting. The attack killed several on the small compound and all but destroyed the building that I was in. The second more damaging event was a result of a meeting I had with an Afghan intelligence official. As our Battalion Intelligence officer, I was responsible for creating target packets on insurgents and recommending how to disposition said targets. During this meeting, the intelligence official showed me a target packet that he received from the Taliban. The target packet was on me. The intelligence official stated that the Taliban placed a price on my head.

After the block, what was the first thing you noticed?

It was instant euphoria. I started crying almost as soon as I woke up because of the relief. The injection gave me my life and my family back. It took all of the stress, anxiety, fear and sadness away instantly.

How was the medical and paperwork process for you?


How did staff treat you?

The staff was amazing. Very respectful and professional.

Since receiving the SGB, what has changed for you?

I got my life back. I’m my old self again. I actually wake up happy to be alive and look forward to every day.

If you felt you needed another one, would you get it done?


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